Wikileaks Cn Amazon Bahnhof

Dec 2, 2010Amazon, whose servers have been home to WikiLeaks since earlier this week, has quit hosting it, the website behind a massive disclosure of (1)

Dec 1, 2010Site hosting leaked US embassy cables is ousted from American servers as senator calls for boycott of WikiLeaks by companies.(2)

Inside The Bahnhof Bunker, Home Of Wikileaks’ Servers – TPM

Wikileaks was hosted by Bahnhof when it began publishing the cables. When Wikileaks was felled by a denial of service attack, it briefly moved to Amazon’s (3)

Inside the Mountain That Used to House Wikileaks’s Servers

Oct 29, 2014This is Pionen, one of Swedish internet provider Bahnhof’s many data “In December 2010, when Wikileaks was at its peak, CNN, BBC, (4)

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