White Samsung Galaxy S2 To Rival Iphone 4s

Jun 27, 2022They both come in white and black options, but the iPhone 4S does sport a premium finish with a glass front and back, while the Samsung Galaxy S (1)

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Camera Comparison

As with videos, the iPhone 4S can only take shots at it’s maximum resolution of 8MP (3264×2448) whereas the Galaxy S2 (same max 8mp res) can take lower res (2)

Iphone in general is still the best phone to get over any product. RIM is horrible, Samsung is the best competitor Apple has but until Samsung builds theres (3)

Samsung Galaxy S2 Beats iPhone 4 to Claim Phone of the …

Oct 11, 2011Apple have now released their new iPhone 4S which now matches the 8 mega pixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation and Sony Ericsson (4)

May 28, 2012O Android operating system, boasts a 4.8-inch (12.2 cm) screen, bigger than the 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S and the 4.7-inch screen on (5)

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