Verizon Iphone 5 Htc Thunderbolt

In a knock-down, drag-out grudge match of epic proportions, in one corner we have the Verizon iPhone 4, and in the other, the new HTC ThunderBolt.(1) … Mar 17, 2011Introduced at CES 2011, the HTC ThunderBolt is Verizon’s first 4G LTE, and it’s finally available for $249.99 with a two-year contract.(2)

Difference Between iPhone 5 and HTC Thunderbolt

Mar 25, 2011HTC Thunderbolt is the first 4G phone to run on Verizon’s 4G-LTE network (Network support LTE 700, CDMA EvDO Rev.A). Verizon promises 5 to 12 (3) … Mar 18, 2011The HTC Thunderbolt, the first 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon Wireless, has the fastest Web speeds we’ve ever seen, but be prepared to carry (4)

The iPhone Is Being Outsold at Verizon by the HTC Thunderbolt

Apr 1, 2011HTC HTC’s Android-based Thunderbolt is outselling the iPhone at Verizon stores according to research from BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk.(5) … The HTC Thunderbolt is outselling the iPhone 4 in Verizon outlets, The iPhone 5 isn’t likely to arrive until sometime around September of this year, (6)

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