Thomas Edison Google Doodle

Feb 11, 2011Today’s Google doodle of Thomas Edison reminded me of a “well-I-never!” fact that could come in useful if it crops up at a pub quiz.(1) … Feb 11, 2011It is the 164th birthday of Thomas Edison and Google has honored him with an animated Doodle featuring a number of his inventions including (2)

Thomas Edison’s 164th Birthday Celebrated With Google Logo

Feb 11, 2011Google is featuring a special Google logo, also known as Google Doodle, for the 164th birthday of Thomas Edison. The logo illustrates some (3)(4)

Thomas Edison honored with incandescent Google Doodle

Feb 11, 2011Thomas Edison would have turned 164 today. What better way to celebrate the great inventor than with an animated Google logo?(5) … The telegraph in doodle spells out “G” in morse code. Thomas Edison’s Birthday Google Instant Keystroke · Google’s New Logo · Happy New Year 2000!(6)

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