Important Technology News Stories

The tech industry makes news every day, however, there are some higher level emerging stories that have a far bigger impact. Here are some of the more significant technology news stories in recent years: The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the increasing use of these technologies in various industries, including healthcare, finance, […]

Technology Marketing Toolkit

A technology marketing toolkit is a set of tools and resources that marketers can use to plan, execute, and measure their marketing efforts. Some examples of tools that may be included in a technology marketing toolkit include: Customer relationship management (CRM) software: CRM software helps marketers manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the […]

What is Company Culture?

Company culture refers to the values, beliefs, and behaviors that define an organization and shape its working environment. It includes the way that employees interact with each other, with customers and clients, and with leadership, as well as the way that the organization approaches its work and makes decisions. Company culture can be influenced by […]

Merging Business with Technology

Here are some examples of merging business with technology: The role of technology in modernizing and streamlining business processes How small businesses can use technology to improve their operations and reach new customers The impact of emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or the Internet of Things) on various industries Case studies of businesses […]

Thought Leadership Business Model

A thought leadership business model is a strategy that involves positioning a company or individual as an expert or leader in their industry by creating and sharing valuable content and insights. This can be accomplished through various channels, such as blog posts, social media, podcasts, webinars, and speaking engagements. The goal of a thought leadership […]

How to Build a PC

Building a personal computer (PC) from scratch can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to get the exact system you want. Here are the general steps you can follow to build a PC: Choose your components: Decide on the components you want to include in your PC, such as the processor (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), […]