Nvidia Kal El Will Feature 5 Cores

Sep 20, 2011Nvidia’s next-generation Tegra mobile chip will offer five cores, which officials said will offer greater power efficiency and performance (1) … Sep 22, 2011(PhysOrg.com) — Nvidia says its upcoming Kal-El chip (Tegra 3) will have five cores, not four. The news appeared this week when the Santa (2)

Nvidia explains fifth “Companion” core in Kal-El

Sep 22, 2011Four cores are apparently not enough for the Tegra chipmaker as an extra core will be included with additional functionality.(3) … Sep 21, 2011From what we can gather all Kal-El processors will feature four Cortex A9 high-performance cores which will obviously give compliant (4)

NVIDIA’s Kal-El processor will be a 5-core low power chip – Liliputing

Up until now NVIDIA had suggested that the Kal-El processor was a quad-core chip, but it turns out there’s actually a fifth processing core tucked away in (5) … Sep 20, 2011The actual management is handled by Kal-El’s Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) feature and CPU Hot-Plug management software and does (6)

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