North Korea Threatens Action Against Thaad Deployment

Jul 11, 2016Warning comes after US and S Korea announce agreement to deploy advanced anti-missile defence system to counter threats.(1)

North Korea’s military said it will strike the moment the two countries decide on where to place the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South (2)

(2nd LD) N. Korea threatens military actions against THAAD …

The move is aimed at countering the North’s evolving missile threats amid concerns about the technical progress of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.(3)

North Korea on Monday warned it will take “physical” actions against South Korea and the United States over the allies’ decision to deploy an advanced U.S. (4)

Jul 11, 2016The move to deploy the THAAD system drew a strong protest from China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday that THAAD exceeded the (5)

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