Nokia Lumia 920 Sold Out

Nokia’s new flagship phone, the Lumia 920 Windows Phone, went on sale November 9 through AT&T. The stakes are high. Nokia’s business is flailing and it (1)

Nov 20, 2018The Lumia 920 has sold out at AT&T in the US. Both the black and exclusive cyan variants are reported as so on the online store, (2)

Black and Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 sold out online at AT&T again …

On AT&T the Black and Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 can now not be ordered on AT&T’s online store, while the Yellow version of the device has become unavailable at at (3)

We are not going to speculate about sales numbers, but what is certain is that Nokia made way to few Nokia Lumia 920 handsets.(4)

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