New Nexus Phone Rumors

The photo, originally posted in the Nexus Indonesia Google+ community, shows the back of a white Nexus device with a sticker that appears to have LG’s logo on (1)

Rumor Roundup: Google’s New Nexus Phone Is Said To …

Rumor Roundup: Google’s New Nexus Phone Is Said To Launch This Month, But Which One Is It? The Galaxy Nexus’ one year launch anniversary (2)

(CNET’s rumor roundup contains additional speculation and hearsay.) Though we can’t say how the new phones will stack up against Nexus models currently on (3)

Google rumored to launch two new Nexus phones this year

May 26, 2015Made by LG, one new Nexus phone codenamed the LG Angler would offer a 5.2-inch screen, according to Android Police. The other phone, (4)

Oct 1, 2012Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus was no runaway hit here in the states — the Korean company’s own legal team stated that the device “at most captured 0.5% (5)

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