Martha Graham Google Doodle

Feb 26, 2016Google – Martha Graham. I worked with a Dancer and Choreographer from the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York to create this Google Doodle (1)(2)

Google Celebrates Martha Graham With Dancing Doodle

May 11, 2011Born in 1894, Graham is remembered as a pioneer of contemporary dance. She is memorialized not just in Google Doodles but in the Martha Graham (3) … May 10, 2011Martha Graham, the American dancer and choreographer whose name became synonymous with ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ dance, is celebrated in (4)

May 11, 2011 Google Doodle animates, honors Martha Graham

May 11, 2011Google honored dance legend Martha Graham today with a gorgeous little animation that dances across the search bar. The May 11, 2011 Google (5) … May 11, 2011Today’s Google doodle is strictly coming dancing, with an animation celebrating the moves of modern dance pioneer Martha Graham.(6)

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