Macbook Air Sandy Bridge Thunderbolt Netbook Rumor

Jul 20, 2011The new Mac mini has Sandy Bridge processor options and gets a high-speed Thunderbolt port. However, the DVD drive has been removed from the (1)

Rumor: Apple holding Sandy Bridge MacBook Air for Lion

Jun 16, 2011Apple is expected to release an updated MacBook Air powered by Intel’s latest ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge processors any day now.(2)

Jul 20, 2011Apple Introduces New MacBook Airs With Thunderbolt And Sandy Bridge Processors. Eventually, after literally months of rumors, Apple has today (3)

New Apple MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt I/O …

Jul 15, 2011So what can we expect from the new sleek laptop from Apple? The confirmed specs include the inclusion of Apple’s trademark Thunderbolt I/O (4)

May 18, 2011We’ve already seen Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt reinvigorating the MacBook Pro line, so it’s only logical for the MacBook (5)

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