Kindle Fire 2 Fcc Filing

Sep 9, 2022Amazon has submitted two new FCC filings for a “Wireless Tablet,” as spotted by Liliputing. The two fillings, carrying similar FCC IDs of (1) … Feb 11, 2022A new tablet that appears to be made by Amazon has just gone through FCC approval with model number and FCC ID 2AWRO-8768, as spotted by (2)…

(3) … Feb 14, 2022Sources familiar with the trajectory of the model with the recent FCC approval say that Amazon allegedly submitted the tablet to FCC with a fake (4)

Was Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 just approved by the FCC?

Aug 15, 2012According to The Digital Reader, documents for a new tablet were filed by Harpers LLC, and have been cleared by the FCC.(5) … Aug 15, 2012The new regulatory filing does not give out much information, but supposedly the paperwork points clearly to a larger screen size on the device (6)

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