Iphone Nano Aapl Analyst Claims

A researcher from JP Morgan believes that Apple is already on the verge of releasing a second, lower-cost iPhone model based on its most popular iPod.(1)

Analysts Question Nano-iPhone Claim – ABC News

JP Morgan Chase analyst Kevin Chang, based in Asia, said the new model could sell for less than US$300 in the U.S., using patents filed by Apple and (2)

Sounds somewhat indicative of Nano-like iPhone to me. But not indicative enough, apparently, for three other Morgan analysts fiercely refuted the initial report (3)

JP Morgan’s iPhone Nano report is rubbish – TheRegister

Jul 11, 2007Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, claimed that this super-svelte iPhone would be based on the iPod Nano – Apple’s ultra-slim (4)

Apple has three new iPhone models in a “fairly advanced” state of development, according to Kaufman Bros.’ Shaw Wu, including one with a 2.8-inch screen (5)

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