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Just talking about the iPad 2nd Generation, Nintendo 3DS, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.(1)

Rumor: Apple’s glasses free 3D devices to battle Nintendo 3DS?

Jan 17, 2011 iOS devices, here’s a huge dose of speculation to brighten up your day — that Apple’s next iPod touch will be boast a glasses-free 3D (2)

When you come across a feel-good thing. A glowing commendation for all to see I can’t help but look. 3(3)

iPod Touch or Nintendo 3DS: Which is Best for Your Kid?

Mar 3, 2012While the Nintendo 3DS features two screens, one resistive touchscreen and one 3D, these screens are extremely low resolution compared to the (4)

Jan 17, 2011According to Japanese blog Macotakara the next generation iPod Touch will feature a glasses free 3D display similar to the one found in the new (5)

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