Intel Haswell Macbook Performance

Oct 23, 2013The 13.3” MacBook Pro with Retina Display has dual-core 4th-gen Haswell Intel Core i5 processors, with stock speeds from 2.4GHz to 2.6GHz.(1)

Apple 2013 Haswell MacBook Air Performance (Intel Core i5

Jul 9, 2013The tested Apple MacBook Air was the MD711LL/A model and sports an Intel Core i5 4250U “Haswell” processor with a base clock of 1.30GHz, 4GB of (2)

Oct 22, 2013New integrated Intel Iris graphics deliver up to 90 percent faster performance than the previous generation MacBook Pro with Retina display.(3)

How the Haswell Chip Makes the New MacBook Air Last 12 …

Jun 10, 2013There’s more to the Haswell upgrade than just power savings — Apple also claims a modest performance boost to overall CPU speed, as well as a (4)

Jun 12, 2013The Intel HD Graphics 5000 in the new system pushed 24 percent more frames per second in Cinebench’s Open GL test and produced an 8 percent (5)

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