Htc One Review Battery Life

Apr 5, 2013The HTC One moves to a 2300 mAh, 3.8V (the higher nominal chemistry that everyone has moved to) lithium-ion polymer battery, giving it a (1)

HTC One review: The gorgeous HTC One is a winner – CNET

The phone beat out the Droid DNA on the same test, lasting a full 9 hours and 37 minutes when subjected to the official CNET Labs video battery drain benchmark.(2)

Nov 17, 2017But here’s the key question: does it really allow you to save power? HTC reckons you can get 15 hours off 5% battery life with this mode, which (3)

HTC One (M7) review – Battery life and connectivity – TechRadar

Mar 14, 2014(4)

Mar 27, 2013At 2,300 mAh, we’ve certainly seen batteries with higher capacities, but at least the previous generation of Snapdragon processors was very (5)

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