Htc M7 Peter Chou Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Feb 1, 2013Read: HTC M7 Reportedly Joins Galaxy S4 in Shunning MWC Launch. HTC CEO Peter Chou went up on stage and thanked the HTC M7 team for (1) … Jul 18, 2013The device is HTC’s answer to the growing demand for something powerful, but which can easily slip into one’s pocket. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC (2)

HTC’s First won’t compete on hardware, but does that matter to …

Apr 4, 2013HTC CEO Peter Chou’s time on stage illustrated that perfectly; by the latest processors inside Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s own One.(3) … Jun 20, 2013“The board has a lot of confidence in Peter, and share price is not going to drive decisions on the future of the chief executive,” says David (4)

HTC One delays due to its past, Peter Chou to step down if …

Mar 19, 2013HTC has had a lot of past defeats, and as a result of this the company is no longer a big wig in the mobile industry like Samsung or Sony, (5) … Apr 18, 2014The original HTC One was largely ignored in favor of the Galaxy S4, and HTC is attempting to avoid repeating history with the HTC One M8, (6)

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