Happy New Year Google Doodle

Jan 1, 2021Happy New Year’s Day! Looking for more ways to celebrate? Head to Search and tap on the New Year confetti popper to bring in 2021 with a little (1) … Jan 1, 2022The doodle shows G donning a party hat in line with the festive spirit, as the candy pops to reveal 2022 balloons. As people around the world (2)

Google Doodle welcomes Lunar New Year 2022 – CNET

Jan 31, 2022Joining in the celebration of the new lunar year, Google created a Doodle that welcomes the Year of the Tiger. In Asian cultures, the tiger — (3) … Dec 31, 2021As we are just a few hours away from the New Year, which is the year 2022, Google Doodle today is bidding goodbye to 2021.(4)

Google Is Ready To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Its Cute …

Dec 31, 2021This time, Google has designed its holiday doodle with a candy popper which says 2021 on it. It looks like the candy is ready to pop as soon as (5) … Dec 31, 2021Google features a giant candy with 2021 written on it. It appears in a way that it appears to pop when the clock strikes midnight and the new (6)

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