Google Self Driving Car Accident

May 4, 2018An autonomous car being tested by Google-owned Waymo was involved in a serious collision in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Chandler, when a car (1)

Oct 17, 2018A Google spokesperson told The New Yorker that it was “an unfortunate single-car accident in which another car failed to yield to traffic.” (2)

Google self-driving car hits a bus – BBC News

Feb 29, 2016One of Google’s self-driving cars crashed into a bus in California earlier this month. There were no injuries. It is not the first time one (3)

How many self driving cars have crashed | The US Sun

Aug 15, 2022How many self driving cars have crashed – from Google’s Waymo to General Motors’ Cruise SELF-DRIVING cars were involved in nearly 400 crashes, (4)

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