Google Plus Invite Story

Jun 28, 2011Google+ invite received, we go hands-on. It’s hard to argue with Google’s track record. The company has scored a hit in nearly every space (1) … Jun 30, 2011Or that was the plan. It now appears that early Google+ users (meaning the one who got access just yesterday) now have the option to invite (2)

How Do You Join Google Plus? Your Invitation | She Blossoms

Joining Google Plus (G+) requires an invitation from someone who is already a member. I am a member of Google Plus, and would be happy to invite you to join (3) … Prosecutors say Thomas Gagnon violated a restraining order by sending his former girlfriend an invitation to join his Google Plus circle.(4)

Invite Only: Google+ – Communiqué PR

Jul 29, 2011Use of Social Media: Google rolled out its new platform with invites that quickly became highly coveted. Whether it was on Facebook or Twitter, (5) … Jun 30, 2011Later that evening though, I found social media sites bustling with people seeking Google+ invitations. Apparently they were in short supply and (6)

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