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1. Your profile tells you how many people are in your circles and how many have added you to their circles. Circles1. Loading(1) … Jan 8, 2014Gplus circles 1. Each time you post something on Google+, you can either make it public or just share it with a specific circle(s).(2)

I wish the fediverse had ‘circles’. – Ru Singh

Aug 30, 2021In Google Plus, a circle is a collection of people with whom you want to connect. Your Google Plus account comes with three pre-defined¬†(3) … Jul 1, 2011circles1. Having spent a little bit of time using the Google+ Project I thought I would share some initial thoughts and reactions.(4)

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This question is so elementary, I’m almost embarrassed to ask it. I am having trouble directing potential followers/friends to Circle us on our Google+¬†(5) … Oct 8, 2018Google+ had terrible marketing and release, but it had some decent product from 10 years earlier that was actually called Circles.[1].(6)

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