Google Play Order Limit

Apr 17, 2019You can now set an upper limit to your spending on the Google Play Store with a new feature within the app. Of course, you can still spend (1) … Feb 10, 2021(2)

Google Play $10 (Email Delivery – Limit 2 codes per order)

Google Play $10 (Email Delivery – Limit 2 codes per order). USD$10.00. (3.4) (3) … Oct 12, 2020Age Restrictions. In order to use Google Play, you must have a valid Google account (“Google Account”), subject to the following age (4)

Google Play for Education Terms of Service

You agree to pay for any Products that you order and that Google may charge your is the institution’s maximum outstanding purchase order capacity, (5) … Purchase tokens and Order IDs · A purchase token is a string that represents a buyer’s entitlement to a product on Google Play. It indicates that a Google user (6)

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