Google Inbox App Review

Overall, the experience with Gmail over Smartermail (through Outlook or web browser) has been amazing. The ability to manage users and get them set up on their (1) … Oct 28, 2014Perhaps the most innovative feature of Inbox is the ability to mark an email as “Done” instead of just “Read.” All messages have a checkmark (2)

Shortwave wants to bring back Google Inbox – TechCrunch

Feb 15, 2022Google’s Inbox experiment was a glorious thing while it lasted. Launched as an invitation-only service in 2014, it was the company’s next-gen (3) … Far and away the best part of Inbox is its implementation of Google’s Material Design guidelines. Material Design brings together many common user experience (4)

Google’s Inbox App Will Make Checking Your Email Fun Again

Oct 23, 2014Mostly you’ll notice these labels within the mish-mash of your regular inbox. That’s because each category has a unique icon and text color that (5) … Oct 24, 2014Google’s Inbox, an invite only app that provides a new front end to Gmail and other inboxes, provides a nice design, some social news feed meets (6)

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