Google Celebrates World Record For The Largest Observed Snowflake

Jan 28, 2012The largest snowflake ever observed in the world supposedly appeared 125 years ago today in Fort Keogh, Montana. A Google Doodle today (1) … Jan 28, 2012Google says it is the world record for the largest observed snowflake. logo celebrates the day of the sighting of the largest snowflake (2)

World Record For Largest Observed Snowflake Celebrated …

Jan 28, 2012If you go to today, you will notice a new Google doodle celebrating the 125th anniversary of the world’s largest snowflake. Then, you (3) … Jan 28, 2012Did you know that today, 125 years ago, in Fort Keogh, Montana, the largest snowflake was documented and placed in the world record book?(4)

Biggest snowflake ever gets Google Doodle. Ever? Really?

Jan 28, 2012Guinness World Records took the word of ranch owner Matt Coleman, of Fort Keogh, Mont. He took those measurements himself in 1887 and said the (5) … Jan 28, 2012Google doodle animates world’s biggest snowflake Google’s latest charming doodle commemorates an event of which few might be aware: a 15-inch (6)

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