Galaxy Nexus Verizon Not Exclusive Release Date Revealed

According to the post, the phone is to launch on December 15th. Of course, Verizon has not actually sent out any official launch date for the (1) … As consumers anticipate the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, leaked documents reveal that the smartphone may release on networks other than Verizon (2)

Galaxy Nexus – Wikipedia

The Galaxy Nexus was unveiled jointly by Google and Samsung on 19 October 2011, in Hong Kong. It was released in Europe on 17 November 2011.(3) … New rumors suggest that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will be released on December 15th. Stores reportedly have the phone in-stock and ready to (4)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus full specs revealed; Verizon Wireless …

We have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be a pure Google Experience device without any third-party UI or modifications, so no (5) … It’s been strongly rumored for some time that the device could see a November 10th launch date but that was quite a while ago and as it so often goes in the (6)

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