Galaxy Nexus No Gorilla No Problem

Nov 17, 2011No, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Gorilla Glass, but that’s not a big deal.(1)

Update: Galaxy Nexus will have “fortified glass” (???) and *NOT …

Take a look at a few of the Asus Transformer videos about the Gorilla Glass. There’s one where a guy is trying to scratch the screen, and it shows no evidence (2)

Oct 27, 2011Samsung has answered at least one of them today, telling Android and Me that the smartphone’s 720p screen is covered by “fortified glass” of (3)

Galaxy Nexus review – The Verge

Nov 17, 2011In using the device as my daily driver, I haven’t found any major issues with battery life which would I would consider show-stopping. As far as (4)

Nov 18, 2011We were pretty confident that Samsung has done its homework to protect the screen on the Galaxy Nexus, but when Corning said there is no (5)

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