Galaxy Nexus Nexus Prime No Corning Gorilla Glass

Oct 20, 2011I think because Gorilla Glass doesn’t supply curved glass. Nexus S doesn’t have it and it works just fine. I like my phone naked. No case, no (1)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus to feature ‘fortified glass,’ not Gorilla …

Oct 27, 2011Samsung Galaxy Nexus to feature ‘fortified glass,’ not Gorilla Glass provenance instead of the popular Gorilla Glass made by Corning.(2)

Nov 17, 2011Well the thing that worried/wondered me was what the glass actually was. The glass SHOULD be made by Corning because they have a joint venture (3)

No Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus – Droid Life

Oct 25, 2011Samsung Janel No. Instead of the Gorilla Glass we use another kind of fortified glass. Speaking of Corning, has everyone seen the “A Day Made of (4)

Oct 25, 2011Corning has updated everyone via Twitter in regards to claims that the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung would be using their Gorilla Glass product.(5)

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