Facebook Mobile Upgrades Advertising Related

Set up Aggregated Event Measurement for app events. Update your Facebook SDK for iOS, App Events API, or mobile measurement partner setups. Learn more.(1) … From your Ad Preferences page, you can update your interests, choose what Facebook information we use to show you ads and adjust your general ad settings.(2)

Prepare for Changes to Facebook Ads from Apple’s iOS 14 …

If your business runs ads on Facebook and Instagram, Apple’s latest update affects you. These actions will help you prepare for the changes and minimize (3) … Advertisers and partners will then begin to experience the changes described in this blog post. For the latest update visit the Facebook for Business blog.(4)

Adjust how ads on Facebook are shown to you

To show you more relevant ads, we receive and use data that advertisers and other partners provide to us about your activity on their websites and apps, (5) … With dynamic product ads marketers can upload their product catalog and let Facebook automatically deliver the most relevant products to people. They can (6)

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