Facebook Login Vs Google Social Gigya Q2

Gigya’s social login data is similar in the media/publishing category, where Facebook (44 percent), Google (28 percent) and Yahoo (21 (1) … Although Facebook credentials in Q4 account for 62 percent of all website social logins, the Gigya stats indicate that the social network peaked (2)

Facebook Claims More Than Half of Social Logins [Study]

Facebook is still the leading source of social logins, according to new research from social media tools provider, Gigya.(3) … During Q2 2013 (April-June), Gigya’s data showed Facebook dominating social logins with 52% of the total. Google+ came second with 24%, and (4)

Facebook Third Party Identity Provider – Business Insider

Gigya studied the data from more than 700 of its customers, and discovered that more than 60% of people who used social logins sign up with (5) … From the moment G+ launched, some social media “experts” immediately began to push Google’s social network as a “Facebook killer.(6)

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