Exomoons May Support Life Too

Jun 5, 2019Do planets harbor life? Or is it their moons that are most likely to support extra-terrestrial lifeforms? According to an astrophysicist at (1)

Apr 25, 2014Although we are yet to find exomoons, we have good reasons to believe that there should be many, even more than exoplanets. Goldilocks zone.(2)

‘Exomoons’ Capable of Supporting Life May Be Common

Jun 29, 2015Some huge “super-Jupiter” alien planets may have moons capable of supporting life, a new study suggests.(3)

Exoplanets with moons may be likelier to host life – Big Think

Sep 14, 2021A new study suggests that exomoons are common in multistar systems. Thus far, only a few exomoon candidates have been identified.(4)

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