Boston University Sues Apple

Jul 3, 2013Boston University is seeking to ban Apple from selling some of its products, besides demanding damages for the alleged infringement of a (1) … Jul 3, 2013The Boston Herald is reporting that Boston University is suing Apple for patent infringement regarding a “thin film semiconductor device” (2)

Boston University sues Apple over patent, wants iPhone sales …

Jul 3, 2013Filed this week in a Massachusetts federal court, BU wants to ban a whole bunch of Apple products, including the iPhone 5, the iPad, (3) … Jul 3, 2013As reported by GigaOM, Boston University is seeking an injunction on sales of Apple’s products that it alleges infringe upon the patent, (4)

Boston University sues Apple over patented blue lasers in the …

Jul 3, 2013Boston University has sued Apple for allegedly infringing one of its patents to make the iPhone 5, iPad, and MacBook Air.(5) … Jul 6, 2013Boston University is taking on the richest consumer electronics company on the planet, claiming Apple ripped off a computer engineering (6)

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