Blekko Search Engine

Jul 28, 2010Did you think the search engine wars had devolved into a fight between only Google and Bing? Think again. New challenger Blekko is stepping (1)

Blekko: A Seriously Cool Search Engine – SourceCon

Oct 28, 2010If you have ever used the Google Co-op, also known as Custom Search Engine or CSE tool, you will love Blekko. It’s like a lite, user-friendly (2)

Blekko offers a web search engine and social news platform that provides users with curated links for the entered search criteria.(3)

What is Blekko? Can the SlashTag Search Engine Compete …

Blekko has been in development since 2007, but it has only recently become available to the public. Blekko is a search engine that has its sights on (4)

Nov 3, 2010Check out this new search engine called blekko! Here’s a quick video explaining how to use blekko to slash the web!(5)

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