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Two tablets touting webOS — Topaz and Opal — are rumored to be in the wings off with Motorola’s Xoom, the iPad 2, and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook.(1)

Tablet Chaos: iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. PlayBook vs. WebOS Slates

Jan 20, 2011RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has a smaller 7-inch display, Despite the fall of Palm, WebOS is actually a very capable mobile OS and (2)

Apr 27, 2011Now that Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry PlayBook, their one and With Apple’s iPad, HP-Palm’s webOS with their TouchPad and Pre 3 (3)

blackberry playbook – webOS Nation

iPad might be #1, but the HP TouchPad is already #2 in mindshare. by Tim Stiffler-Dean. Aug 17, 2011. Let’s all just calm down for one quick minute.(4)

Mar 3, 2011Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will reportedly go on system in the PlayBook bore a resemblance to Palm’s webOS — now (5)

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