Amazon Patent Gift Giving

May 30, has just been granted a patent on what has become a common method of giving presents — a computer system for selecting digital (1) … Jun 1, 2012The prospect of electronically transferrable items offers an alternative to conventional methods of giving gifts that might include music, (2)

Amazon patents bad gift exchange system – Dec. 27, 2010

Dec 27, has been awarded a patent that would automatically exchange presents from people you know are bad gifters.(3) … Nov 10, 2017A newly granted patent would allow you to define “gift rules” (for things like product type or price range) for a more customized, personal gift (4)

Amazon Patents ‘Electronic Gifting’ | HuffPost Impact

What sets Amazon’s electronic gift-giving system apart from other services is a feature that allows digital gift-givers to wait until a recipient has (5) … May 30, just got a patent on electronic gift-giving, GeekWire reports. That makes sense, since gifts are a big part of its business.(6)

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