Acer Ultrabook Fiberglass

Apr 1, 2012Acer will be using a fiberglass body for its upcoming 15 inch ultrabook.(1)

Acer To Release Fiberglass-encased Notepad Before Holidays?

So the next big concern coming down the aisle for Ultrabooks may be Acer has already announced plans for a 15-inch fiberglass-encased notepad in 2012.(2)

The Aspire Vero is our answer. A product with an eye on sustainability, that cuts CO2 emissions by 21%1. Easily upgradeable and recyclable and made to adapt (3)

Shots Leak Of Acer’s New Ultrabook, The Aspire 3951

Aug 9, 2011No doubt that hard drive contributes to the 3-pound weight, though the case is aluminum, not the fiberglass we heard rumored. HDD included (I (4)

Aug 4, 2011Big players like Acer and HP can’t make do with the remainder We’ll find out later this year when these fiberglass ultrabooks hit the (5)

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