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Samsung Group wants to invalidate Microsoft Corporation “Android deal”

Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone

Samsung Electronics wants the court to invalidate its agreement with Microsoft Corporation, because Nokia.


Samsung Group fires back to

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Samsung Group paid Microsoft Corporation $1 Billion in royalties last year for “legal” use of Android

Microsoft profiting from the success of Android. The company’s new lawsuit against Samsung Group revealed some interesting numbers like $1 Billion and ‘mere’ $6.9 Million for late payment.

Courtesy of a

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Samsung Group announces Galaxy Note 4 release date in US, Sprint Corporation claims they have the best deal

New Samsung Group Smartphone: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Group is launching the new Galaxy Note 4 on October 17 in United

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Samsung Electronics picks Dropbox over Google Drive as default cloud storage service

Dropbox cloud storage on smartphonesConsumer and business cloud storage service Dropbox announced on Wednesday that Samsung Electronics Group will ship new handsets with full

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Samsung Group’s first metal phone to take on Apple Inc’s iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Metal Phone

Fresh from its most disappointing quarter since the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy, the South

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Samsung Group might launch the Galaxy Alpha with iPhone-like design this month

Samsung Galaxy S4

There’s no stopping Samsung, the top Android manufacturer that suffered its first smartphone shipment drop — just

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Samsung to launch a new phone called Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Group is reportedly set to offer a brand new Android handset that will feature a “mid-range” specs, competitive price, and design that is similar to the iPhone. Read More

Report: T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 and BB Q10 users switched to Samsung Group?

T-Mobile’s targeted campaign to move BlackBerry owners to Samsung is effective according to a new leaked memo. T-Mobile reportedly convinced a portion of more than 50,000 BlackBerry phone owners to “upgrade”

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Samsung Group smartphone sales down due to “disappointing” Galaxy S5

Citing lower smartphone demand, but with no mention of disappointing flagship Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean tech giant unsurprisingly posted its first net profit decline in three

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Samsung Group postpones launch of Tizen-powered smartphone in Russia

Samsung Group is delaying the launch of its first Tizen high-end smartphone. Reports online suggest that Samsung is not happy with the ecosystem’s app support.


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Samsung Group losing smartphone market share, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Apple Inc are gaining

China Xiaomi

Samsung Group should panic. China’s Xiaomi and Lenovo, the latter with Motorola Mobility under its banner, are gaining market share —

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Samsung Group using iPhone 6 bendgate to boost Galaxy Note 4 sales

Samsung Group’s chance to stop the declining sales is to criticize Apple’s build quality — because for the first time ever, Samsung is now using metal frame.

The Apple Bendgate

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Can Google’s Android One kill Samsung Group’s business in India?

Samsung Group's Android smartphoneWhile everyone’s talking about Samsung Group’s shiny new phones, search giant Google is silently preparing for the launch of

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone’s specs rumors appear online

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The next iteration of the Galaxy Note series, popularly called on the web as Galaxy Note 4, is now

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Samsung Group announces the Galaxy Alpha, the company’s first Android metal phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Group is launching a brand new Android smartphone — with real metal. Interestingly, this handset features chamfered

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Acer rivals Samsung Group with its new Chromebook 13 powered by Nvidia K1 SoC

Chromebook 13 Nvidia K1 Chrome OS Laptop Computer

Acer blazoned via press release a brand new Google Chromebook laptop with Nvidia’s new

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Samsung Group to introduce a new Galaxy Note this year

Samsung is set to launch a brand new Galaxy Note in September. The Galaxy Note series features a larger display compared to rival handsets and ships with a stylus pen.

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Xiaomi beats Samsung Group in China last quarter

Xiaomi is in headlines today after beating Samsung Group in China, the biggest smartphone market in the planet based on sales. (more…)

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Rumors suggest Samsung Group’s Galaxy Alpha is not a metal phone

Samsung Group is still not taking the more premium strategy on smartphones. New reports with leaks suggest that the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a “mid-range” handset with plastic body and

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Samsung Group’s Galaxy S5 & cheap smartphones are losing the “battle”

Samsung Group is facing two-way smartphones war — the low-end and high-end markets. The Korean tech giant is losing market share on low-end consumer electronics market due to cheap Chinese

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