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LG Nexus 5, Google Play Store success and the Nexus 6 connection

Based on Google’s statement about the success of the LG Nexus 5, then there’s no reason not to release the Google Nexus 6 later this year. In Q1 of 2014, Google’s Patrick Pichette was quoted as saying that the LG Nexus 5 was a “strong performer.”

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Google Nexus 6: LG out, HTC or Motorola to take the new phone?

Last month, LG Electronics denied that it will manufacture this year’s Google Nexus smartphone, the long-rumored Nexus 6. Based on recent developments, HTC Corporation and Motorola Mobility may be up for the challenge.

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LG Nexus 5 most popular, HTC One M8 takes second in US market says benchmark app

A new data from benchmark app AnTuTu suggested that Google’s 2013 flagship Android phone, the LG Nexus 5, is the most popular smartphone in the United States, while the HTC One M8 takes second spot.

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Google Play Store with Material Design running on LG Nexus 5 unveiled

Google announces the new Google Play Store with Material Design, and it looks gorgeous as expected. The search engine giant shows off the mobile version of its new app store user interface using the LG Nexus 5.

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Rumors: Google Nexus 6 price similar to LG Nexus 5, release date alongside Android L update

Google Nexus 5

Google will release a new Android mobile operating system later this year, and with this launch, a new smartphone is also expected to highlight its beauty and power. New rumors suggest that the Nexus 6 will offer a 2K display but will retain the price range similar to Google Nexus 5 on the Google Play Store.

As of today, the LG Nexus 5 on the Google Play Store is still the most affordable with $349 price — and rumors suggest, which include notes from analysts, that the upcoming Google Nexus 6 will retain the low price via the official Google store. For starters, the Google Play Store is the official devices online store of the search engine giant. It also offers Android mobile applications and digital content like movies, TV shows, etc.

Similar to previous Nexus phones release, the Nexus 6 is expected to offer better specs than its predecessor. Last year’s Nexus 5 made by LG Electronics is offering a 4.95-inch 1080p touchscreen display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB of storage, 8-megapixel primary camera and a large 2,200 mAh non-removable built-in battery. So how can the next Nexus phone manufacturer beat the Nexus 5?

Well, new rumors are suggesting that this year’s Nexus 6 will feature a 2K touchscreen display or a resolution of 2048 by 1080, if true, the display on the new handset will offer more pixels per inch than new devices like the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and of course, the Nexus 5. If you have a display with higher pixel density, then you might need a better processor. Google’s Nexus partner can still implement Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 on higher clock rate or just apply the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with Adreno 420 GPU.

Another feature that the Nexus 6 might apply is 10-megapixel or 13-megapixel back-facing or primary camera and also improve the front-facing camera. Google can easily convince consumers to upgrade to the new Nexus by talking about how it can shoot better photos, videos — and better selfies. New phones today have front-facing 5MP cameras, and will make more sense that the Nexus 6 will also have a 5-megapixel camera or better to be more competitive.

Google’s new Nexus 6 smartphone, if it will arrive later this year, is also more competitive if it will feature a better sound speaker, and a larger battery. From the Nexus 4, the Google Nexus program abandoned the removable battery design and took the iPhone-like non-removable battery approach. Apparently, the Nexus 6 should include a larger battery if it will feature a display with more pixels.

And lastly, the Google Nexus 6 should maintain the Google Play Store advantage of price range lower than $400. In the United States, the Nexus 6 will be more competitive if Google will partner with more wireless carriers. Based from previous Google Nexus devices, T-Mobile might offer the Nexus 6 off-contract, but the chance of having a Verizon Wireless model is slimmer than models for Sprint and AT&T.

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Best Buy now selling LG G3 Verizon, Sprint and AT&T versions in US

U.S. big box retailer Best Buy is now selling the new LG Electronics flagship Android-based handset, the LG G3. All major carriers, except T-Mobile USA, is supported by the retail chain.

LG G 3 Best BuyAre you up for an upgrade? Or you’re craving for the LG G3? Best Buy is now selling the Android-based handset from LG Electronics via Best Buy’s online store and brick-and-mortar outlets nationwide. Customers can instantly buy the LG G3 Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T variants with price tag of $99.99. Keep in mind that each order requires upgrade or new carrier commitment for 2 years. Best Buy is also offering per-month sales just like T-Mobile.

All models from the three carriers I mentioned are also available via monthly installment. For the AT&T model, the LG G3 costs $24.17 per month, while the Verizon Wireless variant is sporting the tag price of $27.50 per month, and Sprint’s LG G3 is cheaper with $25 monthly fee.

Customers on Best Buy can also purchase the new phone without a contract, but it’s expensive, $699.99 per phone. Sprint Corporation’s LG G3 is available in black or gold, while Verizon and AT&T-locked models on Best Buy are available in black only.

Apart from Best Buy, online retailers are also selling the LG G3 with unlocked SIM card slot. Factory unlocked phones are compatible with SIM cards of AT&T, T-Mobile USA and U.S. prepaid carriers. It also works with major carriers in other countries.

The LG G3 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, 3GB RAM, Android KitKat with the latest LG custom user interface skin, 3,000 mAh battery and a 13-megapixel primary camera. The top feature of the LG G3 is its 5.5-inch LCD display with pixel density of more than 530 per inch. Its display is the best in the market so far, beating the iPhone 5S, the Nexus 5, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

AT&T LG G3 and G Watch Android Wear device release date this month

AT&T will launch two new LG Electronics products on July 11 — the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch and the new high-end LG G3 smartphone.

New LG G3 Android Smartphone

No word yet about exclusivity, but AT&T will start selling the LG G3 and the LG G Watch on July 11. The official release date of the LG G3 and G Watch in United States via AT&T was revealed on Monday. AT&T will start accepting orders on July 8.

According to the wireless carrier’s official press release, the LG G Watch will take the $229 price tag, while the LG G3, an Android smartphone, is priced $199 with 2-year AT&T contract agreement, or $24.17, or $29 per month if purchased with AT&T’s no down-payment installment plan.

For beginners, the LG G Watch is a new device that runs “Android Wear” or the special version of Google’s mobile operating system that fits on smaller touchscreen display. The Android Wear is a new Android model that can sync with an Android smartphone or tablet computer and Google account and via the Android Wear app available on Google Play Store. Google’s official app store for Android also offers Android Wear-made applications like Lyft, Delta Airlines, Pinterest and Google Maps.

Apart from AT&T, Google’s online store is also selling the G Watch, and also the Android Wear device from Samsung Group, Motorola Mobility will also offer its own Android Wear device later this year — the Moto 360.

The LG G3 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3GB RAM, features 32GB storage, 13-megapixel primary camera — and its highlight feature is the 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with pixel-per-inch of 538. The G3′s display is currently the best in the market as of this writing.


Report: Google Play Store to offer case customizer, Nexus 6 included?

Possibly including the rumored new Google Nexus 6, a new leak reveals that the search engine giant is set to launch “Google Workshop,” a service that will allow customers to customize cases for the Nexus 5.

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Foursquare’s new app update vs Business review rivalry to heat up

Foursquare shares some of the screenshots of its upcoming big app update, and introduces “gamification” of tips and “experts” members. Can this new feature-packed user interface beat Read more »

Samsung Group smartphone sales down due to “disappointing” Galaxy S5

Citing lower smartphone demand, but with no mention of disappointing flagship Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean tech giant unsurprisingly posted its first net profit decline in three years.

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Rumors: Microsoft Corporation will launch two new Nokia Lumia phones

Microsoft Corporation is planning to launch two new Nokia Lumia handsets that will run its new mobile operating system update, a credible news source is reporting.

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Google Nexus 6 rumors and Verizon Moto X update connection

Motorola Mobility is again proving that it’s worthy to make the Nexus 6. The variant from Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) is the latest Moto X handset to join the Android 4.4.4 mobile operating system. The Verizon Moto X is now an inch closer to the Android L operating system update, apparently.

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Rumor: Apple to buy Swell to boost Podcast or Music app

Swell, an app that recommends podcast episodes based on user preference, is being acquired by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) for $30 Million according to a new report.

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Google Shopping Express can boost sales of Play Store products

Google can easily expand its Android ecosystem in United States by bringing its Shopping Express service to more markets. Similar to last year’s red LG Nexus 5 launch, Google might offer the (rumored) Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and other new Google Play Store products on the Shopping Express retail store.

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Rumors: Google Nexus 6 from Motorola Mobility?

A new rumor with mild “confidence level” is suggesting that Motorola Mobility will manufacture this year’s Nexus phone — or the so-called Google Nexus 6.

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