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Google created arms with synthetic human skin to fight cancer

Google X Synthetic Arm Human Skin

Google wants to kill cancer using nanotech.

For someone like me who lost a mother to cancer, research

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Google’s Lunar X Prize could create the ‘Moon version’ of FedEx or UPS

Google Apollo 17

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are

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Google wireless network to challenge Verizon Wireless and AT&T in America

Google Wireless

Technology giant GOOGLE is set to compete with the top two United States wireless providers — AT&T and Verizon. The new

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Google will soon revolutionize language translation using phones with ‘instant translate’

Google will soon add a more advanced language translation allowing users to get the translation almost on the spot.

Smartphone users, specifically those with Android handsets, will soon experience a

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Flawed Google News algorithm promotes fake article about Solar Storm “Earth blackout”

Fake NASA Solar Storm News

Google News promotes fake article about Solar Storm, and because it’s “in the news,” people actually thought it’s real.

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Stephen Colbert is so influential that Google changes its search result about his height

Google tweaked its search results to respond to Stephen Colbert, and this incident alone makes Colbert the ‘most influential’ technology-focused satirist slash late-night talk show host.

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Google intros 2-step verification for Gmail, Drive, etc with security key

Google introduces two-step verification process with security key support.

Google securityGoogle is adding yet another barrier to protect its users from hackers

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Ultra-fast Google Fiber service in Austin, Texas launching in December, finally

Austin residents covered by Google Fiber can soon download more cat pictures per second. The search giant’s sought after internet platform will go up and running by end of this

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Google Nexus 6 display one inch bigger than last year’s LG Nexus 5?

The display on the Google Nexus 6 is one inch bigger than last year’s Nexus phone from LG Electronics, according to a new report.  

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Google NOW Platform Evolves With A Brand New Deck Of Virtual Cards

New Google Now Cards

Google’s mobile platform, Google Now, is bringing a new set of virtual cards from third-party companies and services including the ability to

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Google Fiber has added new “potential” expansion sites in North Carolina

Google Fiber Expansion USA

GOOGLE FIBER, the ultra-fast internet with cable TV service, is confirmed to “possibly” expand in North Carolina cities, Raleigh

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Musk satellites and SpaceX support from internet-obsessed Google

Apparently, ELON MUSK is looking to build satellites that will distribute internet connection across the globe, and it attracted

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Google Inbox App is a Dropbox Mailbox rival with more features and flexibility

Google is reinventing the email, and the Gmail, while trying to stop the rise of Dropbox’s Mailbox app with the new Google Inbox app for Android and iPhone.

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Google introduces Gmail’s Inbox app for Android and iPhone, but you need an invite

Google announces a power-packed new Gmail application, the Inbox app, and it will combine the rich content and technology of Google Now, Google Maps and other Google products and services

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Google Play Music All Access app updated with Songza, Nexus 6 as model

The new Google Nexus 6 poses with the redesigned Google Play Music All Access, now with Songza elements in play.

Update: Correction on Nexus 6 display resolution.

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Google testing free doctor consultation via video chat

Google is already testing quick video conference linking medical practitioners and users in United States who are searching for medical conditions.

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Google Now offers billing notification, and launches a news app that lacks innovation

Google launches a bland news application based on its News tab. Additionally, the search giant also introduced a new feature allowing users to get notification from Google search about a

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Google Glass And Apps With Voice-To-Text Features Are Distraction While Driving

Voice controlled apps which promises hands-free technology are distracting users according to a new study posted on Tuesday, and it’s like a follow-up to the research claiming that using Google

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