Google is shutting down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019

Google Inbox

Google launched the Inbox in 2014 as a standalone app to exist alongside the Gmail. An announcement that, we should note, also comes just a few months after Google released an all-new feature-packed Gmail app earlier this year. Without splitting focus between Inbox and Gmail, it's most likely we'll see Gmail continue to evolve and be a worthy successor and alternative to Inbox.

If you need a little help moving on, but still want tabbed emails, pinning and more, hit the links below the story to learn how.

The reason behind the shut down is the recent updates to Gmail App. Gmail get the features like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications recently.

As the curtain falls, Google has prepared a guide for users transitioning from Inbox to Gmail, despite complaints from devoted Inbox users on Twitter.

As per the given timeline, Google can be expected to introduce other features from Inbox into the Gmail desktop and app.

Though not entirely unexpected, the announcement is disappointing, particularly to those who have been heavy Inbox users since its inception. At the time when it launched Gmail lacked numerous features it has today.

Google has chose to shut down its "Inbox by Gmail" app by March next year.

The company has announced the end of Inbox via social media, announcing they are ending the service in favour of concentrating on features for Gmail. As Google looks to shut down the service by the 2019 deadline, Gmail users might find more features from Inbox by Gmail being integrated into their regular email experience. Instead, Inbox was meant to provide Google with an active platform that would allow them to test new features in real-time.

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