Andrew Cuomo Defeats Cynthia Nixon in Primary

Cuomo NIxon Meet In Only Televised Primary Debate

Mr. Cuomo, meanwhile, is angling for a landslide victory that could bolster his ambitions of facing President Trump in a 2020 White House bid.

Cuomo has the nomination of the Independence Party and the Women's Equality Party, while Nixon has been nominated by the Working Families Party - though she has said she will seek to remove her name if she doesn't beat Cuomo in the Democratic primary. "Know me by my enemies".

There were indications that the 52-year-old Nixon's aggressive campaign actually pushed the incumbent governor to the left on several issues, including legalizing marijuana and addressing crumbling public housing in New York City.

The latest polls show Cuomo with a big lead.

Attacked for his cozy relationships with New York's political elite and state capital insiders, Cuomo, whose father Mario Cuomo served as the state's governor for three terms himself, nevertheless dominating wide stretches of the upstate region and even large portions of New York City, where Nixon was expected to fare better with progressive voters. Supporters rallied to Nixon's defense by pointing to the shoddy basis of the mailer's accusations and the fact that Nixon - who is not herself Jewish - is raising two Jewish sons from a previous relationship. She could have brought up his failure to address gerrymandering, an issue that Cuomo ran on in 2010.

His tenure has been marked by a cloud of corruption in recent months.

On Tuesday the New York Post cast doubt on Cuomo's claimed ignorance, revealing that one of his top campaign aides was shopping a story about Nixon's Nixon's alleged support for the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement just a day before the mailer went out to 7,000 households. Cuomo has also called it a mistake. The party expressed regret, and Nixon slammed it as the "worst kind of dirty politics".

"To break through, that requires a lot of money and organization", Michael Miller, professor of political science at Barnard College. "She was a fine actor, but not a great gubernatorial candidate", he said.

It's Primary Day in NY and polling sites opened at 6 a.m. But Sanders steered clear of the governor's race.

She also has two children from her former relationship with Danny Mozes and in June, she revealed that her eldest child is transgender.

One of the candidates in the Democratic primary, Zephyr Teachout, pledged this week to investigate Mr. Cuomo should she win.

However, some famous names opted to support Cuomo, among them rapper Nicki Minaj. The New York Times reported that the Cuomo administration offered incentives for the contractor to finish the job before the primary, and Cuomo's insistence that the state does not control the Tappan Zee contrasts with his self-presentation as an effective and engaged manager.

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