South Africa 'close to war zone' with 57 murders a day: minister

Murders of Women and Children 2017/2018

Police minister Bheki Cele told MPs that the crime statistics were "nothing to write home about".

Between April 2016 and the end of March a year ago, 52 people were killed per day in South Africa.

"Violent crime is indeed a clear and present danger to all South Africans", Beukman said.

Police stations in the Western Cape continue to be burdened with the most murder investigations in South Africa.

'The figures that always scare me are murder figures, ' he said.

The question is, he said: "How do we collectively pick up the ball, change the game plan and re-position the police?"

"South Africans must not take it as a norm that they can be hijacked, robbed and killed every day".

The stats show how nearly all gang-related murders in South Africa were recorded in the Western Cape.

A parliamentary committee says police efforts to deal with the problem have been ineffective and that commanders should strengthen the law enforcement presence in crime hotspots.

The opposition went on to highlight how the ANC spends an average of R9.1-million to protect one VIP but only R1 500 per South African resident, and how this "reveals that their skewed priorities are crippling the fight against the unacceptably high levels of crime in the country".

The rise in murder rate was partly down to gang violence and lethal turf wars over the control of lucrative taxi mini-bus routes that transport many poorer South Africans to work.

Incidents of rape and attempted murder also rose.

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