EA Under Investigation in Belgium Over ‘FIFA’ Loot Boxes

Belgian Government Launches Criminal Investigation Into EA Over

Earlier this year, the country's Gaming Commission declared that loot boxes present in Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and EA's Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 would be examined under Belgian gambling laws. However, one of the other major companies under the loot box microscope, EA, has supposedly drawn a line in the sand.

According to a report from Belgian website Nieuwsblad (thanks, Gamasutra), EA has refused to comply with Belgian gambling laws regarding Ultimate Team Packs in Federation Internationale de Football Association 18.

Based upon previous statements from EA executives, like CEO Andrew Wilson's back in May, EA might be readying for a legal battle over loot boxes rather than giving in without a fight (for this lucrative income stream).

While 2K Games, Blizzard and Valve, already took measures to comply with Belgium's gambling laws, EA has denied that lootboxes in Federation Internationale de Football Association are in violation and has done nothing to comply with the country's gambling laws.

A hot potato: Following the loot box controversy that was ignited by Star Wars Battlefront 2 late previous year, several countries and states began investigating whether these systems were a form of gambling.

EA maintains that its loot boxes are not a form of gambling.

Valve complied with the BGC authorities in July when it released a CS:GO patch restricting players in Belgium and the Netherlands from opening loot boxes. "And we don't believe that "FIFA Ultimate Team" - all loot boxes are gambling".

As reported by Belgian publication Metro, via Google translate, The Brussels public prosecutor's office is now considering a criminal investigation against EA for its adamant stance on keeping the practice.

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