Petrol touches Rs 90.11 in Maharashtra's Parbhani

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The Congress party, along with other Opposition parties, had called a nationwide strike across the country on Monday to protest against fuel price hike and the falling value of the rupee against USA dollar.

Petrol and diesel prices saw a hike of 14 paise per litre in Delhi. The reduction was carried out on May 31 in such a manner that the prices of both petrol and diesel will drop by a rupee.

Rising fuel prices in the country have been an issue of friction between the government and the opposition parties for the past couple of days. On the other hand, the taxes imposed by the Narendra Modi government on fuel is considerably high.

Condemning the statement of the union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan that the petroleum prices were increased due to hike petroleum prices in global market and increase in Value-Added Tax by state governments, Naidu said such statements were far from truth and were aimed only to mislead the people. From thereon, there has been some fluctuation, with both hike and cut in prices up till today, when it touched Rs 90.05.

With the title "Truth of hike in petroleum prices", the ruling party with the help of bar diagrams explained that the percentage increase in the rise of fuels in 2018 is less than the increase during the previous two terms.

Elsewhere in Maharashtra, in Thane petrol retailed at Rs 88.43 and diesel Rs 77.64, Mumbai was Rs 88.35 and diesel at Rs 77.56.

Fuel rates have been on fire since mid-August, rising nearly every day due to a drop in rupee value and rise in crude oil rates. This led to its excise collections from petro goods more than doubling in the last four years - from Rs 99,184 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 2,29,019 crore in 2017-18. "We have to depend on imports for oil". Giving an example, the official said if petrol is at Rs 83, then Rs 20 goes to states as taxes plus Rs 10 from Centre's devolution.

There was a complete shutdown in Kasargode, the town that shares a border with Karnataka, as interstate buses kept off the roads. Diesel prices in the three cities were also raised today to Rs 77.47, Rs 75.82 and Rs 77.13 per litre, respectively.

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