Apple Fans Who Pay More For Tech, Set To Be Slugged

Apple slides as trade war tensions overshadow the company's upcoming product launches (AAPL)

Apple is holding its annual event tomorrow where the company is scheduled to announce the new iPhones.

IPhone prices could rise as much as 20 percent if Apple gives in to pressure from President Trump to start assembling its smartphones here in the US, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Bloggers have been pretty active in discussing what to expect from the event.

Apple's much-anticipated iPhone event is coming on September 12, and based on the (rather convincing) rumors out there, it could be one of the biggest launches for the company's mobile offerings yet.

The low-cost version iPhone XC with LCD screen will be priced between $600 (Rs 43,600 approx.) and $700 (Rs 50,000 approx.).

We're just a couple days away from the Apple's launch event of the next trio of iPhones but that hasn't brought down the intensity of the leaks any bit.

Of course, all of this is mere speculation until the company reveals the devices on Sept 12. This model will also feature Touch ID, but without the Touch Bar. The iPhone XC is tipped to be priced at $749 and would be available in grey, red, blue, orange and white colour options.

Apple has not launched a cheaper version of its iPhone since 2013's iPhone 5C, which took the guts of the previous generation iPhone 5 and placed them in a coloured plastic body.

To signify the even larger screen, Apple is likely to give the phone a new name: "iPhone Xs Max", according to people familiar with Apple's roll out. The iPhone 4S introduced Siri, the iPhone 5S introduced Touch ID and the iPhone 6S 3D touch.

If you work at Apple, you probably call the iPhone X the iPhone 10 - whereas everyone else pronounces the X as a letter rather than a number. Considering the rumoured specs of the iPhone XC, looks like it will be the successor to the iPhone 8.

"Because all tariffs ultimately show up as a tax on US consumers, they will increase the cost of Apple products that our customers have come to rely on in their daily lives", said the company. With the Note 9's stylist receiving plenty of upgrades, it will be interesting to see how Apple tackles upgrading the Apple Pencil to become more advanced. A redesigned version would be needed for these new models. And while we know a bit less about the next-gen Apple Watch as compared to Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup, the few Apple Watch rumors we've seen thus far are reason enough to get excited. An upgraded Air with a new display, power, and Touch ID would be the flawless release this holiday season and replace the 12-inch MacBook lineup.

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