PUBG launches on Xbox without War Mode

Here's your chance to win a highly limited greaseproof Xbox controller celebrating PUBG

And it will be going online to get soon enough. So you'll have to enter the contest to try and get one for yourself. It is basically being tagged along as an Xbox PUBG Greaseproof Controller while relating it to the renowned "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" tagline from the game. Additionally, the data suggests that about half of the players in the U.S. are playing the game at least once a month, with 14 percent of users launching the app daily. Microsoft is making the options of its users broader day after day by giving products like the newly announced Greaseproof Xbox Controller.

Now, usually in campaigns like this, the "hook" is a joke, because they sometimes can't do what they claim.

Each controller is individually numbered, and only 200 are being made globally. Over three million players in the United States are now playing the game, alongside a total of over 100 million global downloads.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds finally had its official release on Xbox One after almost a year in Xbox Game Preview. In order to win one, you'll need to drop by Xbox Australia's Facebook page and comment what your best "winner victor chicken dinner" story is.

How is the Greaseproof 1.0 controller related to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? And it was because of issues like these that led to Fortnite and even H1Z1 (to an extent) getting and overtaking the spot that PUBG had for most of 2017 as the top Battle Royale game.

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