Mercedes-Benz reveals 2020 EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC prototype testing in Black Forest

Take for instance Mercedes-Benz, which has been teasing the release of its upcoming EQC all-electric crossover SUV.

However, selection of the Comfort, Eco, Sport and Max Range driving modes will have a big bearing on how far that charges lasts. Leveraging an accelerator pedal that offers haptic feedback, ECO Assist will coach drivers on when they should let up on the accelerator-such as when the speed limit changes-to help maximize the EQC's electric range. To reduce power consumption, the front electric motor is optimized for efficiency in the low to medium load range, while the rear e-motor adds sportiness.

The interior features a familiar if more futuristic look, along with a wide-screen instrument panel and infotainment screen.

The German automaker unveiled the all-electric Audi PB18 e-tron that's broad and flat, visibly inspired by the wind tunnel and the race track. Audi wrapped its SUV not to hide it, but rather to show it off.

Powered by an 80-kilowatt-hour battery, the EQC delivers 450 kilometres (280 miles) of driving range on a full charge. The vehicle also makes use of navigation and traffic sign data to work out the most efficient route and the best strategy for coasting and energy recuperation. At the launch, it will compete directly with the Tesla Model X apart from the Taycan, I-Pace and e-tron. But it's a little too early to compare the power and ranges of these three vehicles, for obvious reasons.

The new Tesla Roadster - Tesla's "proposed" hyper-performance electric supercar - has been revealed in Europe, just as Mercedes reveals it EQC.

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It offers day-to-day suitable e-mobility in a very special package: "the EQC is an electric auto, and at the same time 100 percent a Mercedes", chairman of Daimler AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars Dieter Zetsche said in a press release.

Daimler plans to offer 10 pure-electric vehicles by 2022. He pointed out that Tesla has "virtually zero competition" today, but he believes that its market share will decline starting in 2019. Mercedes EV comes at a time when GM is investing heavily in a new fast-charging technology, which outpaces Tesla by a factor of 3, allowing a fast-charging of 180 miles in 10 minutes. The WLTP rating for the electric Merc could be over 200 miles ~ 320-350km.

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