Samsung's mythical folding phone may actually arrive this year


Mr Koh said at IFA 2018 that it's "time to deliver" on the promise of a foldable phone, adding a little about how the device might function. Koh says users will be able to take advantage of most of its functions when folded, but if they need to browse or see something, they might have to unfold it. When unfolded, the device will offer a different experience than a tablet. It even supplies and makes money from OLED screens used in the flagship iPhone X. But with OLED screens, Samsung developed them, used them in its own products for some time, and started selling them to rivals only after a long waiting period.

Koh said the device could be unveiled this year at the Samsung Developer Conference in November in San Francisco, but gave no indication of when it might go on sale. Recently, it was reported that Samsung might launch its foldable smartphone by the end of this year. The device allegedly has a 7.3-inch foldable display panel.

Samsung has revealed that it plans to change its strategy when it comes to debuting new smartphone features.

To quote Koh he said, "So we are very much focusing on millennials who can not afford the flagship". Either way, it sounds like Samsung is nearly ready to finally deliver on that foldable smartphone dream.

Apparently, the tech behemoth is on the last leg of finishing the development of the foldable phone and soon we can expect a barrage of leaks or speculations about it.

The handset has been codenamed "winner" - a good omen, perhaps? - although, as per previous reports, it'll more likely be called "Galaxy X" on release.

Unlike the traditional flip phones that require a hinge, Samsung is reportedly making a screen that bends.

LG has also filed several patents describing a 'mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half'.

In the interview, Koh was clear that there must be consumer benefit for the new device.

Samsung has had its eyes on a foldable phone for many years now. The CEO of the Korean giant's mobile division, DJ Koh, has revealed that we are getting it this year.

When not in use, the secondary display can be turned into a touchpad, which could see it turned into a gaming console rather like Nintendo's DS range.

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