Mueller OK with some written responses from Trump

Charles Krupa  The Associated Press FilesU.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s TV-interview assertion that ‘truth isn’t truth’ will surely rank as one of the political head-scratchers of 2018

Giuliani also said last month that the president's legal team would send a letter to Mueller regarding their "reluctance" to discuss potential obstruction of justice in any interview with Trump.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly dropped his insistence that President Trump appear in person to answer questions related to potential coordination his 2016 election campaign and Russian Federation, agreeing instead to accept written responses.

Mueller first indicated to Trump's lawyers in December 2017 that he wanted to interview the president in a face-to-face session to complete his investigation.

Trump made the freakish assertion during a wide-ranging Oval Office interview with the conservative website, which released a full transcript of the conversation Wednesday.

"Let's just step back for a minute and consider the fact that Trump is trying to appoint to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court while simultaneously being implicated in a truly staggering number of criminal cases and corruption scandals", Seth Meyers said on Late Night.

Sources said the tone prompted Trump allies to believe that any interview will be more limited in scope than the president's legal team initially believed.

Trump was brief when asked about his interview of Mueller to replace Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director before deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein named Mueller special counsel.

"But I had a business dispute with Mueller before that", Trump replied.

Reached by ABC News, the Trump legal team declined to comment.

Mueller so far has not requested to ask any questions about obstruction, but included a line in his message to Trump's attorneys that he may want to ask questions about obstruction at some point in the future.

Some of Trump's advisers viewed Mueller's new letter as a sign of begrudging acceptance that he would lose a legal battle to compel the president to testify.

Jay Sekulow, counsel to the president, said: "We continue to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Office of Special Counsel". According to Woodward, Trump seemed surprised by Dowd's reaction and asked, "You think I was struggling?"

Trump fired Comey as FBI Director in 2017, causing an uproar and raising questions over whether he tried to obstruct justice in the Russian Federation investigation.

And for another, Trump claimed, without any proof that Comey and Mueller are "best friends" and even more, of the "hugging and kissing" variety.

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