Marco Rubio to InfoWars' Alex Jones, 'Don't touch me again, man'

Marco Rubio fends off Alex Jones on Capitol Hill. Screenshot Cassandra Fairbanks

Jones, who is the controversial InfoWars founder, repeatedly interrupted Rubio while he was attempting to answer questions from reporters during a recess in the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing on foreign use of social media to influence United States politics. Marco Rubio Wednesday, causing the Senator to tell Jones that he would "take care" of him if need be.

"You're not going to silence me".

"I just don't know who you are, man", Rubio said when Jones kept interrupting him. "I'll take care of [it] myself".

"I wonder why Rubio got so mad and threatened me physically".

"Oh, you're gonna beat me up?"

"You are a little gangster thug", Jones said.

Rubio reiterated that he wasn't familiar with Jones or his website and then asked Jones to stop prodding his shoulder. "Marco Rubio the snake", Jones said.

Twitter is to permanently ban notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars show due to abusive behaviour.

In addition, Twitter has banned Jones and Infowars from its livestreaming service, Periscope, where Jones regularly broadcast and boasted a large following. Jones said as Rubio was trying to answer a question from another reporter. "We're making insane people superstars". Jones called the onetime presidential hopeful a "frat boy" and "little punk" and sounded incredulous as Rubio wondered who he was.

For what it's worth, I bet Rubio could take Jones, a belief based on the time that Jones backed down after confronting Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks.

And at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faced questions amid criticism from Republicans that big tech companies suppress conservatives online.

Rubio left soon after, telling reporters, "You guys can talk to this clown".

Shot back Jones, "Go back to your bathhouse".

Jones and InfoWars are notorious for spreading conspiracy theories and other demonstrably false information, including the idea that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and that the victims of it were child actors.

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