KDHE: Most of Kansas now at high risk for West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus leads to death of Kent County man

West Nile is spread through mosquito bites, and the peak season for it is late summer and early fall.

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services reports the first West Nile Virus-related death in the state since 2016.

But Davis said individuals can take precaution, too, by using repellants like Deet, wearing long sleeves when outdoors and perhaps most important, eliminate any standing water around the home.

One person has died in Georgia due to West Nile Virus, leading state health officials to warn residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

However, it can develop into a severe illness and cause permanent damage to a person's central nervous system.

- Wear long sleeves and long trousers.

DEET - Cover exposed skin with an insect repellent containing DEET, which is the most effective repellent against mosquito bites. Follow the directions on the package. Also, any holes in screen doors or windows should be fixed so that bugs can not find their way inside.

Drain: Empty standing water around your house to prevent mosquitoes breeding. "In 2013, we had a West Nile virus mosquito from Cranberry Acres area off of Lambert's Cove Road", Valley said.

Expressing concern over the number of reported cases (133), the ISA called on the Health Ministry and the Attica Regional Authority to work with experts and local authorities to deal with the virus's spread which, it said, is having a financial cost, as it is also impacting the tourism industry.

Animal and mosquito cases have been found in LaSalle County this year near LaSalle, Ottawa and Streator.

Officials at the LaSalle County Health Department declined to comment on what part of the county the resident was from, citing patient confidentiality.

Most people infected with West Nile have no or few symptoms, but some suffer serious inflammation of the brain.

The CDC has reported less than 20 cases every year dating back to 2013.

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